Manage Classes

Delve into administering the accounts for your students, classes and teachers. Use the tick boxes down the side to select either one or multiple students or a whole class, then click these action buttons at the top:


Assign_Class.pngWhen you need to move students to another class. Tick the students you want to change, click 'Assign Class' and select the class. If you need to create a new class follow these steps.


Assign_Level.pngChange the level for a student/whole class. Step-by-step instructions here


Edit_Class.pngEdit the name of the class, the teacher responsible for it and view which schedules are in place. NB: you must select a whole class before clicking this button.


Reset.pngWipe all data (name, level, scores & playing history) from one or more accounts. Useful for transferring accounts from one student to another; step-by-step instructions are here.


Scheduling.pngStop students from zooming through levels, by putting a block on how far they can go. Useful for homework and school holiday activities. Step-by-step instructions here. NB: you must select a whole class before clicking this button.


Delete.pngDelete a class. NB: this does not delete your Child Accounts but you must move all students from the class before trying to delete it; find out how to do that here.


Name_Cards.pngCreate login cards for students to use in class and take home. Step-by-step instructions here.


Username.pngClick on a student's username to edit their personal and account information. More information and instructions here.




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To access the Manage Class features: Login > Manage Accounts > Manage Classes