Learning Library

Playing the Games

1. Navigate to the relevant part, level and skill using the tab menus.


2. Click on the image which is associated with the sounds or skills you wish to practise e.g. the duck.

3. The game will load and away you go!


Games cut off? If, while playing the games, you notice part of the game or keyboard cut off click here for the solution.


Slow internet? Before your lesson, click the ‘Preload’ button next to the game you want to play. When class starts, click the game's image icon as normal and the game will be ready and will load much more quickly.



On a tablet? The games in your free Teacher Account only work on a computer. If you wish to use a tablet, you will need to use Child Accounts. Trial them for free here.


Downloading Worksheets

Worksheets are available for all levels and skills.

1. Navigate to the relevant part, level and skill using the tab menus.

2. Find the corresponding worksheets to the right of the games.


3. Click the link and the worksheet will download straight away.


Independent vs Supported: For know, read, spell and sentence reading, there are two options. The supported sheets are designed to be done by a child whilst working with their teacher, whereas the independent activities are suitable for those children working on their own.


Assessment Tools

Assessment tools are available for each part of the program.

1. Select the tab for the relevant part you are working on.

2. At the top of page you will find all the assessment tools you need. 





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Still don’t understand or have a question? Contact us on: info@phonicshero.com.