Track the progress of your students as a whole class or individually.

Whole Class Report

Use the drop down menus at the top of the page:

  • Class - shows the class' average percentage score for each level and skill.
  • Level - shows each child's score for all 6 skills within that level.
  • Skill - shows each child's score for the sub-skills e.g. a specific sound or camera/tricky word.

Export this data by clicking the blue 'Export Report' button at the top right.


Individual Student Report

Use the individual reports to focus on one child. It works in the same way as the class reports, but selecting a level (3rd drop down) you will see a more detailed analysis of the skills where you can also analyse their playing history: what score did they get the first time they played the game, what score did they get most recently, and how many attempts it took to improve.


See the reporting function in action: 



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